Bryson Memorials

Cleaning Your Memorial

The following are recommendations. Bryson Memorials is not responsible any damages that may occur using these methods. Bryson Memorials uses each of these methods themselves and they have shown to be reliable when applied properly.

"Should I buy a cleaner from my dealer or pay someone to clean it?"

Almost never! Household cleaners will do the job in most cases. The exception is when your memorial is stained by rust, grease or oils.

Never use acids, products containing lemon juice or extracts or metals of any kind on your memorial. This includes steel brushes, steel wool or metal scrapers, with the exception of razorblades. Cleaning brushes should always have white bristles because colored bristles could bleed their coloring into the stone surface.

Normal cleaning:

Wash the memorial once a year with regular strength powdered “Comet” and a white bristle brush. Then rinse with clean water. This will remove dirt and new mildew. Wash black granite memorials with regular strength, blue “Windex” and a clean cotton cloth.

Molds and mildews:

If a memorial has gone years without cleaning, molds and mildews can build and grow on the porous stone. These are normally green, black, brown, or rust red colored. If you run your hand across the face of the stone and can feel the texture of the mold or mildew, take a razorblade and scrape the rough bulky molds off. Wash with powdered regular strength “Comet” and rinse with clean water.

If the stone is still dirty or discolored, spay with “Outdoor Clorox”.  This is a very strong bleach that will ruin your clothing and can kill plants and grasses. A little goes a long way. Use a garden style sprayer. Spray repeatedly each time the stone begins to dry until it is clean. The chemical will do all of the work. This method will make 100 year old marble look brand new.


There is no household product that will safely remove rust and not stain your memorial. Contact a dealer.

Oils and Grease:

These are the most difficult to remove. A product named “K2R”, an aerosol spray used in cloth dry-cleaning and available in the cleaning supply section of most retail stores, will remove most oil and grease stains, if found early enough. Heavily spray the affected area and let dry 24 hours. This will form a dry powder that absorbs the stain. Repeat this process until stain is removed. The dry powdered residue can be brushed from the stone.  The active ingredient in this product is ether.

Send us a photo of your existing memorial and we can recommend a cleaning method for your particular situation. There is no reason to pay anyone.